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Take 5 with BREAKS4EVER

1. Who is your favorite Streamer?

Dr Disrespect (He is the OG!)

2. What is your favorite game?

Call of Duty:  Infinite Warfare (It’s a much faster paced, AWESEOME to actually watch, high flying, knife weilding game – then the camp in a corner with a shotty game….cough cough)   They need to make an INFINITE WARFARE 2 and they need to call me for my thoughts… rickity tickity split booouy!!!

3. What other hobbies do you have?

Working out, eating healthy, hosting pornshows,Clippin’ movie edits for stream, creating music for other streamers, Living the dream while hosting pornshows, preaching to young kids at schools to stay off of crack and telling my dealer to come down in prices….    

4. What are your first memories about gaming?

When I was a kid,my grandma Mary worked at Midway games here in Chicago.  She worked on building the arcades themselves. One day, she brought me to the Midway factory.  She brought me to a game and set unlimited coins on the machine and then let me play. I played for hours and hours.  I fell in love with gaming, just loved it! I came back once a week for months to play cause it wasn’t out yet at the arcades. Several months later it came out.  They called it ‘Pac-Man’.

5. Anything else you want your viewers to know?

I have a Snoopy doll with all the Chicago Huntsman signatures selling for 10k
right now & rising, raising $$$ for a sick friend!

Call of Duty Saved My Life
 I literally would not be here today, if not for Call Of Duty.

My stream is strictly for entertainment purposes.  My overall
goal is to create a stream that anyone who watches, would find it funny
and entertaining…….a step away from the norm, a getaway from life, bringing
laughter to any & all that want it
did I tell mention I host pornshows?

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