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Take 5 with PotatoAimRyan

1. Who is your favorite Streamer?

My current fav streamer is bipolarbliss

2. What is your favorite game?

My fav game is the metal gear series (I know it’s not just one)

3. What other hobbies do you have?

My other hobbies are cooking and spending time with my daughter and girlfriend

4. What are your first memories about gaming?

The eairlest memory I have of gaming is borrowing my neighbors nes and playing dark wing duck, and opening my snes on xmas with super mario bros.

5. Anything else you want your viewers to know?

I have a instagram where I post what I’m playing (usually as I go live) and some of my food I’ve cooked. I’m a energy drink enthusiast ( love me some gfuel and reign) weekdays I usually stream 8-10 cst and Saturdays 8ish -1ish cst. I play a tom of games and am a video game collector (over 200 physical games spanning from Atari 2600 – current gen)
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