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1. Who is your favorite Streamer?

My favorite streamer is Kabby. He’s a big reason I’ve started to explore the world of streaming. There’s a lot you can learn from him, his content and the professionalism that goes with it.

2. What is your favorite game?

PUBG is my main game at the moment. I do mix it up though with COD and Halo community nights!

3. What other hobbies do you have?

Other hobbies include creating Art and Golf!

4. What are your first memories about gaming?

My first memory of gaming probably dates back to the original Mario. From a gameplay perspective, I really remember the original ghost recons and halo that ultimately got me hooked on gaming.

5. Anything else you want your viewers to know?

My channel on Mixer is used to promote a positive culture while building a community for everyone to enjoy. Im a Veteran and with that have met people from many different walks of life. The community I’m striving to build is one that I hope everyone and anyone feels welcome to. Gaming/streaming is my passion and I feel incredibly lucky to have found it!
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