What is Slam the Stream?

Slam the Stream is a streamer review website.  It is a place where you can review your favorite streamer, find a new streamer to watch or get feedback on your own stream. Our big focus is to help small, up and coming streamers get some exposure whilst also showcasing popular streamers. 

Why sign up as a member?

Signing up as a member allows you to review any streamer on the website.

How do I get my own streamer profile page?

If you would like your own streamer profile page simply fill out a request form.

Is there any cost associated with the site?

Slam the Stream is 100% free.

What if the streamer I want to review doesn’t have a profile page?

If the streamer you want to review doesn’t have a profile yet simply Contact us and we will make them one.

What happens if someone leaves an abusive review?

If a review is deemed abusive in any way it will be deleted and the member will have their account blocked and deleted.

Why has my account been locked?

If you have several failed login attempts you account will be locked for security reasons. If this happens you will need to wait 15 minutes and try again or reset your password.

How does the rating system work?

Our Rating System takes into account the amount of reviews and what the reviews are. This helps control the number of perfect 10/10 scores and show more legit reviews.

I’ve changed some details, how do I update my profile page?

If you have changed your streaming account, social media or anything else simply Contact us and we will update.

How can I help the website?
  • Support streamers by giving them a review.
  • Promote your profile page on your social media and streaming account. Advertising options available for download here.
  • Donate – Any money raised will go into making our website bigger & better!
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